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A surgeon from Zagreb Croatia operates on eyes with 3D glasses – the first in the world!

The revolutionary method of eye surgery with 3D glasses comes from Croatia. It was designed by a young trainee Benedict Rak (29) at the “Sveti Duh” Hospital in Zagreb.

The first in the world with this technology

This young trainee was the first in the world to invent wide-angle 3D technology, which gives operators much greater opportunities during the procedure. Benedict Rak has been working with his team on this brand new device for a full year.

“Wide angle 3D” operation display technology

This device, called “Wide angle 3D” or wide viewing angle, is special because it allows every observer in the room to see the image equally well from any visible angle, and therefore this is a novelty that has not yet been presented. The operator wears 3D glasses like those in a cinema during the procedure, and the image is displayed on a projection screen.

So far, surgeons have used the so-called. eyepieces, and eye monitoring was monitored on monitors. In the previous way, the surgeon would stand bent over the patient for hours during the procedure, and if he moved, the image would be lost.

With the new technology, eye surgeries have become not only wide-angle but also visible to the entire operating team from all angles.Clinics around the world are interested in the newly designed system of the young specialist and his team, which is just proof of how important this is for the progress of world ophthalmology.

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