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Artificial intelligence made an advanced antibiotic

There are more and more viruses and bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, mostly due to irresponsible medication and treatment without the assistance of experts. One machine learning model could change that, as it has already identified a powerful drug that destroys many bacteria that are resistant to ordinary antibiotics.

The new drug was identified by a group of MIT experts, and during laboratory tests, the antibiotic was shown to kill many bacteria that cause some of the most serious diseases in the world, including some of the chains that are resistant to all known antibiotics. The computer model used in the project is designed to scan more than 100 million chemical components in just a few days, and selects an antibiotic from the list that is different from the existing ones, thanks to which it can destroy those bacteria that are in the meantime. became resistant.

Experts claim that it is a very powerful antibiotic, and during the research, several more promising candidates were discovered and will be tested soon. The machine learning responsible for this success is a step into the future, and faster research, given that this way of analyzing different chemical constituents is far more efficient than traditional research, so it takes less time and costs less.

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