Monday , 26 July 2021
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New technology for better vision

In just the last ten years or so, technologies have been developed that help people see better. As medical research advances in search of the best possible treatments and drugs, some technological solutions offer people the opportunity to see now. „Second Sight i Argus II“ One of the pioneers in …

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7 amazing facts about the amygdala

We often think of our brain as one large organ within our skulls, but it actually consists of many small structures that allow us to walk, speak, think, and feel. Among these structures, one of the better known is the amygdala, which has been found to play an extremely important …

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Artificial intelligence made an advanced antibiotic

There are more and more viruses and bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, mostly due to irresponsible medication and treatment without the assistance of experts. One machine learning model could change that, as it has already identified a powerful drug that destroys many bacteria that are resistant to ordinary antibiotics. …

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A milestone for early diagnosis of sepsis

Whether it activates or silences genes, breaks down damaged cells, or builds new tissue, our body is constantly working to repair itself. To fight the disease, our body sends signals, often long before we even notice the disease. Such signals are, for example, DNA molecules that are released from the …

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