Monday , 26 July 2021
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China has launched its mysterious spacecraft

Many compare the Chinese spacecraft to the American mysterious X-37B plane, which is currently in Earth orbit. China has launched a type of spacecraft that will be possible to use more than once, and it is assumed that it is a space plane. Many compare the Chinese spacecraft to the …

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One asteroid will pass by Earth on November 2

The asteroid was first identified at the Palomar Observatory in California in 2018. The US space agency NASA announced that an asteroid will pass by the Earth on November 2. The asteroid is known as “2018VP1” and is just under two meters in diameter, so it is estimated that its …

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NASA has released a new photo of Saturn

NASA-in Hubble Space Telescope captured a new, extremely clear image of Saturn in early July. What sets Saturn apart from other planets at first glance are its rings, the largest and brightest in our solar system. They extend 280,000 kilometers from the planet itself, and are wide enough to accommodate …

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Rare star explosions create half of the calcium in space, including the minerals that make up our bones and teeth

Researchers recently located SN 2019ehk, 55 million light-years from Earth, which emitted the most calcium of all recorded unique explosive astrophysical events of its kind. Rare star explosions have produced half of the calcium in space, including nutrients in our teeth and bones, new research has revealed. Unique explosions, called …

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