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Earnings from computer hardware sales should increase by as much as $ 2.6 billion just for one game!

We can only admire the photos and videos from Microsoft’s new flight simulator, and many owners will upgrade their hardware or buy new computers to make the gaming experience as realistic as possible.

If you wanted to become a pilot in your youth, fly airplanes and enjoy a fantastic view of the natural beauty from the air, thanks to Microsoft you can now fulfill your wish, at least on a computer.

After many years, the American company has released a new version of the flight simulator (Microsoft Flight Simulator), and it is not enough to say that the photos and videos published so far leave you breathless.

Landscape viewing and attention to detail are top notch, but after watching the video on YouTube, it’s not hard to conclude that a computer with powerful components will be needed for maximum performance (an Xbox version is expected later).

Therefore, in the coming months and years we can expect increased demand for computers with powerful processors and graphics cards, as well as accessories, from gaming chairs in which the back will more easily withstand the many hours spent in the virtual cockpit to the sale of joysticks.

According to The Verge, there is already an increased demand for joysticks, which are in high demand on Amazon, and there is a shortage of the most popular models.

Over the next three years, thanks to Microsoft Flight Simulator, revenue from sales of computer hardware and peripherals should increase by as much as $ 2.6 billion. At least that’s the opinion of analysts from Jon Peddie Research (JPR), who monitor consumption in the gaming hardware market.

Sales are expected to increase in all segments – from ready-made configurations made primarily for gamers, through processor and graphics upgrades, the purchase of new and better monitors, joysticks, gaming chairs to the sale of virtual reality hardware.

The estimate is based on sales of about 2.3 million copies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator over the next three years, and many gamers, especially simulation fans, will not save money to ensure a better virtual flying experience.

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