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Ericsson software makes it easier to upgrade to a standalone 5G NR

So far, 5G networks have been running in stand-alone mode (NSA) with a background 4G network layer to support the required signaling. The standalone 5G new radio technology removes this dependence on 4G.

Thanks to the commercial availability of Ericsson’s standalone 5G NR software for mid- and low-bandwidth, communications service providers can now take full advantage of 5G’s new radio technology (NR). The mentioned software has recently become globally available to all customers.

With the help of this software, communication service providers can use 5G NR without the need for signaling support of the LTE network in the substrate. This will allow service providers to add 5G NR to existing 4G sites with a simpler architecture, or to independently launch 5G in new areas such as factories, to support applications and services for businesses. All Ericsson Radio System equipment implemented since 2015 can support standalone 5G NR only by installing software.

The dependence on the 4G network is removed

So far, 5G networks have been running in stand-alone mode (NSA) with a background 4G network layer to support the required signaling. The standalone 5G NR removes that dependence on 4G. With a standalone 5G NR, faster network connectivity, easier mobility management and direct access to wide 5G belts offer an even better user experience.

“Last year, we worked closely with many customers on the successful launch of non-independent 5G networks. They have enabled higher data rates and new use cases. We are now talking about the next step in 5G evolution with widely available software to support standalone 5G NR networks.

Standalone operation will enable even more use cases and applications, ”said Per Narvinger, responsible for Ericsson’s network products. Stand-alone 5G NR will enable low-latency applications such as augmented or virtual reality, smart factories and connected vehicles.

With an extremely fast response time, a standalone 5G NR device can connect to a standalone 5G network six times faster than a standalone device that will provide a better user experience. T-Mobile and Telstra are Ericsson’s long-standing partners who have tested Ericsson’s standalone 5G NR software on their active networks.

A turning point in the evolution of 5G technology

“Standalone 5G is the next important step for wireless connectivity with the potential for a whole new series of future transformative applications. We are proud to be at the forefront of this, along with Ericsson and other technology innovators, and look forward to offering standalone 5G to our customers this year, ”said Abdul Saad, CTO at T-Mobile.

Channa Seneviratne, CEO of Network and Infrastructure Engineering at Telstra, pointed out that stand-alone 5G is an important milestone in the evolution of 5G.“As the first to enable standalone 5G in Australia, we are aware of the importance of this milestone and that 5G will be key to creating new opportunities for a better user experience and new business models,” added Seneviratne.

Ericsson has achieved stand-alone 5G interoperability with key ecosystem partners. The standalone 5G devices are expected to be available later this year. “Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson are at the forefront of preparations for the next phase of 5G commercialization with standalone 5G.

The implementation of 5G continues worldwide and we are pleased to work with Ericsson, a global original equipment manufacturer and operator, to launch a standalone 5G approach quickly this year, ”said Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President, 4G / 5G at Qualcomm Technologies. “We want to make extremely fast 5G available to everyone.

Ericsson’s new software will accelerate the deployment of standalone 5G NR, promising a significant improvement in the overall performance of the 5G network, promoting our efforts to provide customers with a superior mobile experience, ”said JS Pan, Head of Wireless Communication System and Partnership, Media Tek.

With the wide availability of standalone 5G NR software in the low and middle bands, Ericsson now offers a standalone 5G solution from end to end. This is supported by Ericsson’s 5G core network and diverse 5G radio portfolio.

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