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The Chinese vaccine for Covid-19 could be available by the end of the year

A Chinese candidate for the coronavirus vaccine could hit the market as early as December and will cost around £ 100 for two doses.

The state-owned pharmaceutical company Sinopharm claims the vaccine should be ready by Christmas, after final testing is completed.

Officials feared the vaccine might not be ready until next year because the lack of new cases of the infection in China made testing difficult.

However, alternative testing has been done abroad, and in the third and final phase of testing, they plan to employ about 15,000 volunteers in the United Arab Emirates. The head of Sinopharma said they could produce about 220 million vaccines a year.

Initial studies showed that two to three doses would be needed for each person for the vaccine to work effectively. China numbers 1.4 billion people, meaning British and U.S. officials could engage in a battle for the vaccine if it proves successful.

The vaccine has been shown to activate antibodies in volunteers in the first and second phases of the experiment, and previous findings show that the vaccine is safe.

But while the findings are promising, there is still no evidence that the vaccine can prevent a person from contracting the virus. China is competing with American, British and German companies to be the first to launch an effective vaccine against Covid-19 to end the pandemic.

At least eight candidates for the vaccine made in China are currently being tested. They are all in different stages of clinical trials. The vaccine was developed in collaboration with experts from the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and the Beijing Institute of Biological Products.

Sinopharm Group President Liu Jingzhen made promising claims that the vaccine will be available on the market in December, following the completion of the third phase of clinical trials. “I personally received two doses of the vaccine, there were no side effects,” he added.

Given the fact that two doses would be needed for each person, it is suggested that only a portion of the Chinese population could be vaccinated, writes the Daily Mail.

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